We believe in organic, well thought
and tailored designs.

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Thriftandreform is a sustainable fashion brand created by nafeesah out of her admiration for beautiful clothes and love for collecting long-lasting pieces.
We believe clothes are meant to be useful always if they are consciously designed, made , selected and cared for. We believe each clothing piece has a purpose and should last for a long time.

We strongly believe in organic, well thought and tailored designs and we will love to connect with people or brands that share the same philosophy

How do we achieve Sustainability

  • Thrift and reform consciously select second-hand or vintage clothes made from organic fabric from local market in Lagos.

  • Thrift and reform create new designs from deadstock and vintage fabric achieved by laborious dismantling process between herself and local artisans improvising imagination and creativity

  • Thriftandreform also give opportunity to swap and donate clothes
Who we are

Our Mission

our mission is to spread the value reuse, reduce and recycle in the Nigerian fashion industry

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